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Obsza Commune is located in the south-eastern part of Poland -the Biłgoraj County, in the Lubelskie Voivodship, near the border with the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.
The total area of the municipality is 112.97 km2 (including farmland: 72% and forestland: 22%). Population: about 4300.


Obsza Commune has its centuries-old cultural heritage, grown at the junction of Galicia (Austrian culture) and the former Congress Region
( Russian culture).

Climate in the area of the Commune is similar to the continental climate. The summers are hot and rather dry, with frosty winters, with a shorter horizon and early spring.  The characteristic feature of the municipality is the occurrence of significant number of suns and significant temperature differences between day and night, especially in windless and clear weather.



The Obsza Commune has a remarkably agricultural character. Unspoilt land and clean air are perfect for ecological farming. Cow farms and large plantations, such as the American blueberry, are emerging


There are  large development prospects of local agriculture related to the recently preserved soft fruit. The great wealth of the Municipality of Obsza is the cultivation of tobacco. This region is one of the largest tobacco growing areas in Poland. The absence of tobacco fermentation plants and cigarette factories is a challenge for entrepreneurs and investors.

The beautiful grounds, developed infrastructure, are suitable for the settlement and development of the tourism and construction industry.

The biggest tourist attraction of the municipality is Tanew river. Tanew is a river situated  in south-eastern Poland, in the Vistula River basin of 113 km length. The cleanest river of Poland.
The town of Obsza attracts more and more tourists seeking active leisure. For the deve-lopment of tourism a lot of new hotels and tourist resorts were built.
In such a scenery even beautiful walks, or so recently fashiona
ble Nordic walking, leave unmatched impressions.


 Group of Fruit Producers "Polskie Jagody" Co.,Ltd. was established in July 2010
 Polish Berries company is  selling and marketing fruits.
In July 2012 a fruit sorting plant with an area of over 2000 m2 was started. The facility is equipped with a controlled atmosphere and modern packaging lines.

Fruit Producers Group "Polskie Jagody" offers fruit of blueberry in the fresh market in retail packages weighing from 125 g to 500 g and fruit for processing in any kind of packaging chosen by the customer.


Thanks to the careful selection of varieties, the harvesting period is maximally extended and lasts from July to early October. The standard is no more than 30 minutes between the breaking of the fruit from the bush and its pre-cooling, which ensures the highest qu-ality and durability of the offered product.

    Tanew  Plantation. Founded in 2003 on light, acidic soils –which are the best for gro-wing blueberries  has area of 180 hectares. The partners are experienced growers who have been cultivating blueberry for over 40 years.
 The plantation is situated on  environmentally clean areas. It is located on the banks of Tanew-  the cleanest river in Poland, on the edge of Roztocze, the region with the highest number of sunny days of the year.

The entire plantation is based on drip irrigation – it is using a system that maximizes water savings and allows for precise dosing of fertilizers.


Protection against birds causing damage to the yields is  provided by the falconers.

Each picker brigade is served by 2 fruit pickers, which minimizes the time required to collect fruit for pre-cooling. Pre-cooling of the fruit occurs already during the transport from the plantation to the sorting plant in refrigerated cars.

Only mature fruits with a diameter of more than 12 mm are harvested. Fruits are touched only once, transported slowly to move.
Time is very valuable, and selection is multi-stage.  Fruits are cooled just after breaking, thanks to this they keep longer  the taste and value of freshly cut fruit.
Our fruits are sold to more than 20 markets on 4 continents.
The main recipients are Western European countries  - Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia and Croatia  and South East Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong).
Our first delivery reached India on August 1. It was the first delivery of  blueberries  from Poland  to India.


Health benefits of blueberries

Blueberries are not only very tasty, but they also give the body many benefits:

RESISTANCE: Blueberries have the highest antioxidant content (antioxidants) of all dessert fresh fruit  They support the resistance of the organism and prevent infections.

  ANTITUMOR : The high content of antioxidants and anthocyanins means that blue-berries are not only an important factor in antitumor prophylaxis, but they also help in the treatment of various forms of cancer.

 HEART: With the unmatched content in other fruits, phytoestrogens and blueberry fiber have the ability to lower LDL and raise HDL levels, thus helping to prevent ma-ny heart conditions.

 BRAIN: The anthocyanins contained in blueberries, vitamins A, B, C and E, zinc, potassium, sodium, manganese and selenium slow down, and even, as experienced by the experiments, they reverse the aging process and make us happy to enjoy great memory for a long time.

  DIGESTIVE TRACT: Fiber and numerous seeds improve the functioning of the di-gestive tract.

         URINARY SYSTEM : Bilberry supports the proper functioning of the urinary sys-tem, by leaching out the accumulated bacteria from the body to prevent infection.

    EYESIGHT: Blueberries, rich in antioxidant ingredients, slow down vision loss and can prevent the occurrence of many eye diseases.

    ANTI-AGING OF  ORGANISM: With high content of anthocyanins and dietary fi-ber, blueberries neutralize free radicals, thus preventing rapid aging.

     SLIMMING: As the latest American research shows, bo-platelets can help you get rid of excess weight.

    WELL-BEING:: By eating blueberries we maintain a good physical form and feel better.